September 12, 2017 – Links to Processing, P5.js, Joshua Davis, Rectangleworld, CS112

 Processing related resources:
 P5.js related resources:
Processing, Second Edition
Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists
Casey Reas

Reviewed Joshua Davis‘ following sites and videos:
Sunday January 17, 2010 / HYPE ver 1.1.1 launched today and Branden Hall
He uses Flash application to run his HYPE. HYPE is probably a set of libraries that he created.
His created a new class ContextSavePNG which allows you to rip your small Flash canvas to a much larger transparent PNG.
Joshua Davis‘ sites:
GitHub –, where he has two types: one with Processing and two: his old AS3(FL) version.
Joshua Davis‘ library examples with code:
Rectangleworld‘s interesting creations:
SkillShare is a problematic company (google search “skillshare review” list out bad reviews), so I did not make any account. Instead reviewed the vid by Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis’s Phantogram / Fall in Love / Lyric Engine with Particle Bursts / Foil BURN test
Processing 3 Tutorial Video by Daniel Shiffman
 Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction

Make: Getting Started with P5.js : Making interactive JavaScript and Processing by Lauren McCarthy, Casey Reas, & Ben Fry
CSC 112 – Introduction to Computer Programming – JavaScript/HTML5
Kumiko’s Coffee Break 1: Who said computer tools are neutral?

Social Hack from Lauren McCarthy

Kumiko’s Coffee Break 2:  Airspace above Tokyo belongs US:

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