September 14, 2017



Tested p5.js using codepen – using function setup(), draw(), createCanvas(), createP(), and ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 15, 15)
To make it work, not void setup(){}, but function setup(){}.

As a result, I set it up javascript version (on Codepen) in addition to processing environment (on Canvas).


I learned the use of array for space traveling stars.
translate (width/2, hight/2); to bring the action that is originating from center of the screen.

III Exelent!!
“Recreating Vintage Computer Art with Processing” Youtube video by Alexander Miller.
Good processing exercise using parametric equations and its behavior. Inspired by early work using polar cordinate.

Joshua Davis give updates that HYPE is processing instead of FL explanation to people who had been using HYPE. So the procedure is sketchy.

Question: how to add HYPE library to processing sketch book?

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