The 299kh move to apur1e

The 299kh website has been corrupted and all posts displayed at its footer “footer three menu widget section.

No specific fix were found. This morning, I just created new website apur1e and the old posts have been exported as a xml file to my local computer Desktop.  From there imported to my new site apur1e.

The process of the posting move was easy:

  1. Login as as 299kh then Tool -> Export
  2. Select post only
  3. indicate save location.
  4. Logout from 299kh and login to apur1e
  5. Tool -> Import and select the file to import.
  6. The layout was messed and the side widgets were at the footer.
  7. Removed all the widget, and reapply the side widgets.
  8. The new website displays the correct format.

Now I am going back to how to integrate Joshua Davis’ HYPE library to Processing 3. I hope that should help me to set it up.

Also, I will tweek Alexander Miller‘s code to see how the shape changes.

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