299: Learning from Web Design of Others’

Accessibilty – will be added.

My initial considerations were:

  • simple navigation without confusioning where you are at
  • fast loading (lightness)
  • no design elements unless it needed
  • minimum clicking
  • avoidance of information overload
  • add warmth for SNS area

After reviewing others’ works I have found the following points

  • at any section of a page, navigation to other pages or sections
  • loading takes longer use subtle loading small light graysh 3 or 4 dots in the middle of screen
  • not to place unnecessary empty spaces
  • time to load (.sk country?, slow server?, content?)
  • I can use blog site (WordPress.com, Blogger.com, wp of my hosting site) to link through nav tab, update each entry. How to choose best blogging platform in 2018.
  • place dots right hand edge to go up/down the sections of the page
  • Nav tab visibility (no crash with background/scrolling page)
  • Some designers use home=work page

[Thanks to Melissa for the list of inspiration websites.]

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