299: Visual Precedence for My Website

Martha Stewart Home Page Top –
I selected this website as their intention tries to be for general users with devices large to small and new to old.

+ All images are clickable to the page.
-Notice the search sign needs to be clicked to actually get the search text entry space. Then the user clicks the box to be able to enter any character in the text box.

Martha Stewart Home Page Bottom –


Martha Stewart Food/Dessert & Treats Sub Page Top –

1. There is another navigation in the middle of the page.
2. It can slide the navigation to populate many nav tabs.


Martha Stewart Video Receipe Sub Page Top –

1. There are a logo & remark on the vid.
2. SNS links right below the vid.
3. There are many clickable video links.
4. There is no link to videos. How to get to any video, I searched “video.”



Noticed: Confusing but feasible solution of content on home and sub-pages.

  1. Each section has the color of its own.
  2. Each section has its own page.


Boot Strap Template below is somewhat closer to what I imagine for my home page.
Replace jumbo tron with hero image.

from UX Planet:

https://www.beckett.de/ has lots of moving parts and difficult understand the section separations.

One-page website -> Base for my home page
from https://www.designspiration.net/save/953883252379/

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