299: Number of HTTP Methods Involved for Free WordPress.com Site and a Minimum Static Site w/o CSS on Bluehost

Accessing to apur1e.wordpress.com via Firefox with Tools>Web Developer >Network shows many GET and POST methods are executed to access to the blog home page.

The total of 52 requests (HTTP Methods)
3.12 MB / 76.04 KB transferred
Finish: 11.95 s
DOMContentLoaded: 1.40 s
load: 1.80 s

While accessing to apurie.com via Firefox with Tools>Web Developer>Network shows single methods is executed to go to my static home page without images and CSS file.

One request (HTTP Method: GET)
540 B / 524 B transferred
Finish: 183 ms
DOMContentLoaded: 213 ms
load: 215 ms

The above is an apples and oranges comparison.

But one can sense wordpress.com has possibly includes overhead due to database accesses, theme effectiveness, and additional advertisement images and gifs.

For future, I would like to compare the WordPress on my Bluehost installation to compare with free WordPress.com site.

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