Generative Art History

For a long time, I pin up the Desmond Paul Henry’s graphic art on my wall.

At that time, I did not know who, but I guessed that it was traced by a machine that was controlled by a software.

I did not know the author nor the process how this was created.

I liked this accurate curvelinear motion of the pen created organic form.

Desmond Paul Henry (1921–2004) used the machine below(

Some Thought on Generative Art by Anders Hoff

Casey Reas explains computer generated art by Frieder Nake (b.1938).

The “3N” computer pioneers:

George Nees (b. 1926-2016) German, who was a pioneer of computer art and generative graphics.

Frieder Nake (b. 1938) German Mathematician/Computer scientist, and

A. Michael Noll (b.1939) American Engineer.

Fieder Nake presentation at Eyeo-2014 refers to Lilian Schwartz.

What is Eyeo? Festival Videos.





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