Generative Art History

For a long time, I pin up the Desmond Paul Henry’s graphic art on my wall.

At that time, I did not know who, but I guessed that it was traced by a machine that was controlled by a software.

I did not know the author nor the process how this was created.

I liked this accurate curvelinear motion of the pen created organic form.

Desmond Paul Henry (1921ā€“2004) used the machine below(

Some Thought on Generative Art by Anders Hoff

Casey Reas explains computer generated art by Frieder Nake (b.1938).

The “3N” computer pioneers:

George Nees (b. 1926-2016) German, who was a pioneer of computer art and generative graphics.

Frieder Nake (b. 1938) German Mathematician/Computer scientist, and

A. Michael Noll (b.1939) American Engineer.

Fieder Nake presentation at Eyeo-2014 refers to Lilian Schwartz.

What is Eyeo? Festival Videos.






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