Life is Short: Rethinking about Adobe Products and about Web Design & Development

Rethinking of Adobe Products

If you are a graphic designer and work for design or marketing companies, currently it is important to learn to use Adobe products effectively. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator creates standardized, clean, and beautiful raster and vector graphics quickly.

Since the beginning of use this software Ps, and Ai I felt that it was not  a elegantly designed tools and they were not suited for web design. Now we have XD, which is targeted  for this purpose and I used them for about a months. Finally we have an effective tool for designing and prototyping the web. And now I decided not to use it anyway mainly because I do not feel good about using them. Why I do not feel good about using them?

Tools are something we use and I do not want to controlled by tools. Tools affect outcome and how we use them. When I called their technical support for initial download the software, they asked my permission to getting into my computer. Why they have to get into my computer just for downloading their software? Later, Adobe CC once destroyed one of my external disk drives by writing something into my disk.

This monopoly said to be not good. And here is a case of monopoly in graphic software business. It needs to be stopped.

Right after I decided, I started to search alternate software. There are quite many graphic software available—not so complete as Adobe’s product.

By moving onto new tools, I may end up not been able to go back to fix my old projects as alternate software may not open or open but unmodifiable.

Now that I know what Ps and Ai can do, I can assess other products and open-source products: Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender.

On May 9 postings of “Alternative to Adobe CC?”,My Potential Move to Affinity Software + Misc. HTML5 JPN Book,, etc.“, “Tools of Choices: Sketch and Axure, Sketch and InVision, InVision Studioreviewed articles about them.

I think it is important review the state of open-source programs such as Gimp.

Rethinking about Web Design & Development

Web Development is not just coding —more importantly file organization, naming convention, image resizing for optimum performance, way to markup with HTML tags, way to use classes and ids, way to organize CSS, and the different ways to make site responsive.

Right now the designs are done, but my portfolio website coding is on hold. Something stopping me from coding further. Perhaps, I don’t see the point of presenting my past works other than historical recording of them. Placing generative arts as they are complete make more sense to me.
While to find out about HTTP methods and assessing a HTTP protocol exchange comparison was interesting.  The network feature of the developer tool (Firefox) showed that my website has a numerous GET and POST compared to a simple html web site. I posted at
This type of information is good to determine if you would like to use WordPress CMS. However, is different from’s WordPress on Bluehost (I did not test.)
This semester I learned HTTP protocol in more detail. Further, I am interested in how each GET message is packaged into lower level packets in each level of protocol layers (TCP/IP/Network/Datalink/Physical).

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