ART258: Design Advice and Code Exercise

Lecture Notes

  • You can upgrade/brush-up your logo design by focusing detail and subtlety referencing website like “MailChimp” by a typographer, Jessica Hische.
  • Check to Google “Date UI” and “Time UI” how you can present dates and time on graphical design.
  • JAZZ visual design can add the mood or 何々風 backdrop.
  • The design could commit to Art Deco style all the way. Get design inspirations by searching images by “Art Deco.”
  • What is Humanist style.
  • Another good inspirations/reference from ART OF TITLES
  • Paul Rand design of “Catch Me If you Can
  • “Seven” whoes design?
  • Saul Bass – “The man with the golden arm””North by Northwest”
  • Search for “Art Deco” in Google fonts in it has any.

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