ITS381B-experimental: Watching Vid of 8/20 Class 1

What was covered in Class 1 Video – What is where.

Laulima loging -> Membership -> ITS381B -> Resources ->

Laulima loging -> Membership -> ITS381B -> Assignments ->

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
  • Link to vids
Assignment 3
  • Campus travel App
Other sites:
  • – list of Dr. Halverson’s mobile app projects: Elected, Places, Campus Travel.
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3 – export your Mobile App from Ionic Creator to your website. Click Creator right top corner cloud icon to export your app i.e. download the zipped folder to your desktop etc.
  • Step 4 -upload to your app folder to your website server.
  • Login to your website. The instructor uses CPanel, I use Bluehost. I may use github pages, Then, upload to your app folder to your website server and then extract the zip. It has img, lib, template, index.html, and zip. In templates folder there are two files: details.html and places.html. Then edit the places.html page to insert angular directives(1:35). Look for <button>Where am I.</button> and insert “ng-click=readGeolocation()” <button …. ng-click= readGeolocation()></button> as instructed on “places” website. Go back to creator and right-side panel “angular directives” insert “ng-click” and “readGeolocation()”
  • Step 5: Add Routs – Go to js/routes.js folder, and edit.
  • Step 7: Add Services – Add controller code for place and pages.
  • Save the code by clicking top-left corner ✓.

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