Video Viewing Problem

Use of hangs on iMac 10.13.6/Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit). Also on Firefox. The network connection is through Ethernet cable and Wifi.

The video I tried to view was:

After starting for less than 30 seconds, I got the screen below – requesting a reload: 

Then, after a couple of reloading I got the following screen:

Looks like iMac does not like it or the network is not set up for it. It is a 2-hour class video.

I checked the system requirement, and it was not too demanding:


(When I was doing, there are only three or four students in the interface lab  and only one in animation side.)

I used to view at my home with my Macbook Pro with Wifi connection, I did not get any reload message. The problem was that the screen was too small to view the instructor’s coding on the screen.





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