ART258&299: Client Server Model, Melissa’s Max2018

Today’s Class

1. How to start coding your final project.
2. Exercise: intall WP site in sub directory.

There are about 5 levels of customization:
  1. Existing theme plus additional CSS codes.
  2. Switch themes
  3. Child theme of and existing parent theme.
  4. Create your own theme using such as UnderScore.
  5. (X) use 3rd party plugins (such as page builder, Site Origin, Elementor/Composer) to extend customize.
ART299 Discussion on Mobile App

Discussion with David E. and Chris G. on Whole Stack 2:20 – 3:30pm

Static Sites and Going Serverless by Chris

David talked about Airtable – spredsheet/database and VueJS – an open-source JavaScript Framework.



AngularJS – a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework.

Melissa’s Presentation on MAX2018
Adobe Max 2018 Keynote-Next Generation of Creativity
New XD Features Vid – Hands On

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