Project: Design Web-Supported Community

Chris’ feedback to my project:

  1. Chris’ site
  2. How to create fast…
  3. Markdown blog
  4. flat file CMS – search for flat file CMS
  5. design your own site  10 best static site generators
  6. Check Netlify CMS alternate to WP.
  7. It architecture is like below:

It should be faster than WP due to the architecture above.


Project Objective: To create Web-supported community to collaborate in building  knowledge

How to build an Online Community (Forbes)

Community (2009 Purdue U)
  1. Post conceptual plan.
  2. In-house conceptual plan -quick and effective
  3. visual
  4. Don’t lose time for conceptual plan
  5. Start coding-test, and animation
    1. cubic besier curv    CSS cubic-besier() function
  6.  Chris’ CTRIN redesign site
    1. presented gray design to client (coded & strip away graphics) and fully functioning site.
  7. Design Process
    1. Information Architecture and UX
    2. UI, color, type, and mood.
    3. No graphic and color prototype fully coded.
    4. Add graphics and color to the web design


2. content hierarchy

3. kulour – screen shot put on your web -quick in house conceptual

4. 3-2-1 design -> 2-2-1 (speed and )

test early.

Social media research: Theories, constructs, and conceptual frameworks

On line community

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