Campus Project has remote access to server db and its step-by-step vid by Dr. Halberson.


The key website is below with all the php codes.


Adding Page Controller JavaScript

important website is https://secrdir.com/campus/ionic/ionic_2_pro.php

yellow sections has Add Agent and service programs. If executed, all the information is send to Server to update database. If you enter the url and all the values followed by typing you will be able to send those data to server to enter db.


If you execute Execute add agent on the webpage by adding “?…” as the following:

https://secrdir.com/campus/ionic/add_agent.php?AgentName=Joe schmoe&OfficeKey=5”


You will receive the screen of the following is returned. So this php is returned where it was called of the JavaScript section and displays on the client screen(?) by confirming what was added.

{ “datetime”: “2018-10-22 19:04:06”, “inserted”: 1, “message”: “Joe Schmoe added at Puna location.”, “AgentID”: “15”, “AgentName”: “Joe Schmoe”, “OfficeKey”: “5”, “OfficeLocation”: “Puna” }

The screen shot is as below.