299: Design

In order to design, you need to break the mundane everyday limiting assumptions.



Art of Asking Questions (Harvard Business Review 2015)

Relearning the Art of Asking Questions

The importance is to ask the right question for the desired outcome.

There are 4 kind of questions: 2 x 2 matrix: how to view the problem—either birds’ or antsy’s eyes, and the intent of the question—”affirm what we know” and “discover something new”.

The four questions are: Adjoining(b,know), Elevating(b, new), Clarifying(a,know), and Funneling(a, new).

“Asking clarifying questions can help uncover the real intent behind what is said.”

Adjoining questions are used to explore related aspects of the problem that are ignored in the conversation.”

We ask Funneling questions, “to understand how an answer was derived, to challenge assumptions, and to understand the root causes of problems. ”

“Elevating questions raise broader issues and highlight the bigger picture.”