PS tip: save selection(anty-path) and reload.

After selecting the section of photo by quick selection tool, you can save the selection by Selection->Save Selection-> Window opens so click OK.

Now you can Select->Deselect to get rid of anty-path.

If you Select->Load Selection place the alpha channel of your choice to the photo.

You can see in the channel as alpha-channel in addition to the color channels.


Difference between and & Illustrator Tips: Make Texts to Vector won’t allow all but jetpack pulgins for free users.

So I cannot test “Display Post ShortCode” using categories.
I just reviewed or set: 1. web address, 2. title, 3. tagline, 4. log, and 5. site identity.

The site identity worked on the tab, but no longer working. Maybe it has to be the paying customer.

Two ways to make text -> vector Adobe Illustrator:
  1. select->type-> create outlines, or
  2. select-> object -> expand then checks on object and fill boxes then OK.