Record of My Recent VR Study by VoxelKei & Aimi Sekiguchi

I tried VR at MS Store @ Ala Moana. Here is a couple of creator/students?

From @VoxelKei – Virtual Reality Creation? I am trying to figure out what he is doing.

sekiguchi aimi twitter– She call herself VRART.
She draws in 3D and print out in 3D printer.
3D Dream-up Pen for fun


ART299 11-09-17: Test to Show My code & result of “Wind” in Layered Presentation – WP/CodePen/P5js

Testing of using p5js editor within environment:

1. My Banboo Wind Output Only

2. My testing – View Wind in p5 editor in CodePen – You can modify the code in p5js editor.

Also, check the following:

Css Tricks – Fluid width video

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