KOA Gallery + design tips


Koa Gallery

Photo of inside to outside maybe nice.

image resolution DPI (Dot’s per inch), PPI (Pixels per inch), and PPX (monitor resolution).

For prints 300dpi–350px is standard.

19″ monitor set to 1024×768 will show 70ppi (pixels per inch)

19″ monitor set to 1280×1024 will have a resolution of 87ppx.

You can fit more on the screen (1280×1024) and get more detail, but everything looks smaller.

Story of screen resolution.

Scrolling is Better than Clicking – clicking is a decision.



229: @FONT-FACE and typefaces for the web

Conceptual Plan by Chris

Typeface resources

FOUT (flash of unstyled text)

Google fonts

Typekit by Adobe (not free but meed membership to use their type)


CSS font stack.com



unsplash.com – royalty free photos



Branding: MacDonals (Red and Yellow), Burgerking ()

Whole-foods (green is more value more than )

Contrast – weight and heaviness feeling

Less contrust – lightness feeling

Web Design

Showcasing product and place on the Hero section bring the full color photo (don’t mess with color or transparency).

Stick with Grid.

Typeface Hierarchy construction tools:
thickness of the font

Rectangle in rectangle – don’t hide the
Map is content don’t hide with some box.

299: Chris suggestion

Chris modified my typographical hierarchy for my portfolio.

I moved wireframe from ID to XD and modify it.

Fixed on the XD instead of ID, I will copy it to ID to fix the wireframe in ID also.

Now I will design sub pages using XD.

Also, I will finalize the typographical hierarchy in Type Test.

Also, I was considering changing the background colors for each of the subpages as in 18F.gov. Chris said that Apple has a tool to change the background color for each of the CD – most appropriate color by checking the graphics of CD. I may change the background designs of each sub pages; such as one is art nouveau-ish, ukiyoe-fu, kusama yayoi-fu etc.