ART299: 1: 09-03-2018 14:30-15:30 Project Overview Discussion

Proposed Plan for [EMF HotSpots Honolulu] Mobile App

  1. Project Objective – Create a mobile app which presents photo with EMF Measurement Data on Map
    • Project Brief Sample
    • One of my personal objective is to learn about apps and how to develop mobile apps through this project.
  2. Conceptualization of the app. (EMF Data Presentation: Who, What, Why, Where, and When used?)
    1. Brainstorm, Mind Mapping.
    2. Site Map Sample,
    3. Lo-Fidelity Wireframes Sample,
    4. Hi-Fidelity Wireframes.
    5. Branding – Logo & Color Sample/Typography Sample
    6. UI Components Design Sample
  3. Information Architecture – Information Layout Design and Database Design
    • Mind Mapping
    • Data Presentation Styles
    • Data Layout Database (db design)
  4. Research Tool Availability
    1. Software for Layout and UX/UI Design (XD, Gravit, )
    2. Software for Image Manipulation and Optimization
    3. Software for Design
  5. Tool Assessments and Selection
  6. Development Environment Selection
    1. source code management system
    2. development environment system
    3. testing environment
  7. My UX Design –
  8. My UI Design –
  9. My Database Design –

ionic starter template free

Typographic Hierarchy from ART258.

Hello World



Alternative to Adobe CC?

Is there alternative to Adobe CC?

Here is an assessment by Joel Lee on  article: The Best Ways to Open a PSD File Without Photoshop..

GIMP(free), runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, can read PSD files.

Paint.NET + PSD Plugin (free and paid versions), Photopea Online Editor, XnView (Windows), IrfanView (Windows) are mainly use as an image viewer and converter.

If you want to view PSD file, use Google Drive; and if you want to convert PSD file to formats like JPG and PNG, use Go2Convert(free).

“Use Photoshop if you are a photographer.”

GIMP 2.10.0 (Release Notes) is here! I think it’s worth testing it out.

And there is Affinity Photo and Affinity Design.



Tools of Choices: Sketch and Axure, Sketch and InVision, InVision Studio

Sketch: Digital Design Tool Kit

Design your App in Sketch.

Actually, how designers use Sketch in Youtube was informative.

InVision Studio kills Sketch and Adobe XD?

Sketch->InVision->Craft (Plug In???): Prototyping

Axure: Expensive (free 30-day trial)



My Potential Move to Affinity Software + Misc. HTML5 JPN Book,, etc.


Can Affinity Designer can replace Adobe AI?

Affinity Photo – Importing PSD Files and editing layers->Some editing can be done but not Smart Objects. Read this forum.

How well does the .psd import and export features of Affinity Designer work? – Longer answer: it’s almost perfect, but there are a couple of things you should know – one minor, the other not…

HTML5 テクニックバイブル $7-$10 used -Freelance services. On demand.