CSS Translate

Css translate– was used Japan new media website, and it used slick  – it looked nice.

The code looked like below:

<div aria-live=”polite” class=”slick-list” style=”padding: 0px 50px;”>

<div class=”slick-track” style=”opacity: 1; width: 65000px; transform: translate(-4610px, 0px);” role=”listbox”>

<img src=”http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/wp-content/themes/j-mediaarts2017/img/top/main/c/index-slide-11.jpg&#8221; class=”slick-slide slick-cloned” data-slick-index=”-2″ aria-hidden=”true” tabindex=”-1″>


ART299 Notes & The Big Web Show, Podcasting, and Other.


http://299kh.wordpress.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts&#8221; does not work, but “http://apurie.com/test17/wp-json/wp/v2/posts” works. This is due to some capability is not available to WordPress.com users, but it is available for users who hosts WordPress on their servers such as Bluehost.com.


The Big Web Show Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman


http://thewebahead.net/ podcasting.

https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/extending-the-rest-api/routes-and-endpoints/  (routs and endpoints and namespace)


var oReq = new XMLHttpRequest();
oReq.open("GET", url);
// retrieve data unprocessed as a binary string
oReq.overrideMimeType("text/plain; charset=x-user-defined");
/* ... */

HTTP Methods-

The main ones used by WordPress REST API are:

  • GET should be used for retrieving data from the API.
  • POST should be used for creating new resources (i.e users, posts, taxonomies).
  • PUT should be used for updating resources.
  • DELETE should be used for deleting resources.
  • OPTIONS should be used to provide context about our resources.

https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/extending-the-rest-api/routes-and-endpoints/ (WordPress REST API)

(The REST API (and How It Could Change WordPress Forever))

Difference of placing feature image instead of regular image.

WordPress Function Reference

WordPress Function Reference
HTTP API Functions

Chris’s Notes

– wp core functions
– instead of display posts shortcake (plugin), how to use php to display list of posts by category via raw php?
– learn how to create custom php “page templates” (built into wp core)

– Test #1: local JSON parse from the head & display in the body test (all in one html file)
– in the head, put inline json
– in the body, use js to parse and display data
– Test #2: remote JSON parse from GitHub json file & display in my local html file
– in the body, use js to get json data from GitHub then parse and display data on my local file
– Test #3: remote JSON parse from WordPress json file & display in my local html file
– in the body, use js to get json data from WordPress then parse and display data on my local file


I will go back to processing exercise tomorrow.