Lab9_10-9: 4 Major Types of Mobile App

According to the authors of The NativeScript Book, Branstein, there are 4 major types of mobile apps:

Native (Objective-C, or Swift for Apple, and Java for Android)

hybrid (PhoneGap/Cordova)

cross compiled (Xamarin), and

just-in-time (JIT) compiled (NativeScript).

Branstein’s interpretation of each architectures are the following:

virual(sic) machine should be JavaScript virtual machine (Branstein, The NativeScript Book, p24).


Above taken from: Mike Branstein, Nick Branstein. “The NativeScript Book.” iBooks.


ART258 Sassy Base Exercise & Native App vs. PhoneGap and Plans/ActionList

  • WebLayout & Typography, Typography for Web
  • ART258 Sassy Base and ITS381B Mobile App – go over all the exercises

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How to copy urls on all open tabs of Firefox and Chrome.

What is NativeScript?

Get Free NativeScript Book by Mike Branstein and Nick Branstein, both of them started as .net developers.

ART299: Discussion & Lab canvas Practice


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