299: Sizing of Images

img { /* responsive image scale with grid */
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;


display: flex; Completer Guide


299: Image Treatment on Web & Visual Studio Editor & Learning Spaces

Creative Media Learning Spaces

Chris’ Portfolio Site

Visual Studio Core – Getting Started

Visual Studio – Tips & Tricks



299: Chris suggestion

Chris modified my typographical hierarchy for my portfolio.

I moved wireframe from ID to XD and modify it.

Fixed on the XD instead of ID, I will copy it to ID to fix the wireframe in ID also.

Now I will design sub pages using XD.

Also, I will finalize the typographical hierarchy in Type Test.

Also, I was considering changing the background colors for each of the subpages as in 18F.gov. Chris said that Apple has a tool to change the background color for each of the CD – most appropriate color by checking the graphics of CD. I may change the background designs of each sub pages; such as one is art nouveau-ish, ukiyoe-fu, kusama yayoi-fu etc.



299: Development Folder

School: Desktop/Shared Folder/Portfolio/ColorStudy

Bluehost: public.html/portfolio/index.html