Linking Firebase to my Creator ionic app

Linking Firebase to my Creator ionic app New and Old ways.

Old one(TodoList) created .run to create db in todos.js but new way(ChatApp) creates automatically in firebase.init.js

  1. At Firebase console create new project. Choose Realtime(Not Cloud) by setting “unlocked” ie “setting true” then create button.
  2. Database -> Rules ->Set both “read” and  “write”, “true”. -> Publish button
  3. Home -> </> add  Firebase to Web app -> config information window opens
    Config Information on Firebase window

    Already firebase.init.js is created automatically.

  4. Goto ionic and Addons button -> and fill in 4 fields of data with data from step3 config window (eg. apiKey:…..)

    “Firebase’s AngularFire has been added to your project.

    Documentation for using AngularFire can be found on the AngularFire github page.

    Here’s what we did for you:

    • Added the Firebase and AngularFire scripts to “External JS” settings
    • Added the “firebase” module to “Angular Modules” settings
    • Created a “firebase.init.js” file in “Other JS” where you can find your settings and an example.” message was on the Firebase window.
  5. Firebase.init.js shows up on the code listing index
  6. Code Settings -> both angularfire and firebase on the list.
  7. from 2:12 to 3:55.

ITS381B: jQuery, JavaScript, etc. Photo into DB

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Why ionic?

Lab9_10-9: 4 Major Types of Mobile App

According to the authors of The NativeScript Book, Branstein, there are 4 major types of mobile apps:

Native (Objective-C, or Swift for Apple, and Java for Android)

hybrid (PhoneGap/Cordova)

cross compiled (Xamarin), and

just-in-time (JIT) compiled (NativeScript).

Branstein’s interpretation of each architectures are the following:

virual(sic) machine should be JavaScript virtual machine (Branstein, The NativeScript Book, p24).


Above taken from: Mike Branstein, Nick Branstein. “The NativeScript Book.” iBooks.

ART258 Sassy Base Exercise & Native App vs. PhoneGap and Plans/ActionList

  • WebLayout & Typography, Typography for Web
  • ART258 Sassy Base and ITS381B Mobile App – go over all the exercises

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What is NativeScript?

Get Free NativeScript Book by Mike Branstein and Nick Branstein, both of them started as .net developers.

ART299: Discussion & Lab canvas Practice


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HTML5 canvas tutorial vid did not completed. I want to go back and recreated on my codepen.