Went back all the postings

Here are two web books to scan and tryout:

Fundamentals of Web Programming has two sections:
Part I : Client Side Programming, and
Part II: Server Side Programming.

How to think like a computer scientists 😉

Recreating Vintage Computer Art with Processing” Youtube video by Alexander Miller.

p5js Best Resources:

Make: Getting Started with P5.js : Making interactive JavaScript and Processing by Lauren McCarthy, Casey Reas, & Ben Fry
Daniel Shiffman Youtubes – such as Coding Train
Creating Star Field with p5js – by Daniel Shiffman

Things to learn in future: how to export processing art into mp4 like motion graphics. Then work it with AfterEffects to edit with other motion graphics.

How did I corrupted 299kh.wordpress.com?
I have a working apur1e.wordpress.com to blogART299 notes.

There, I worked on the WordPress.com and its customization. Learned a bit of using categories to select the specific category postings to be shown on a page. Down loaded version of wordpress download to Bluehost.com site has more options to change web pages.

I created apurie.com/test17 for my portfolio using WordPress.

I plan to go back to Joshua Davis:
HYPE library video by Davis
and ‘As Above’
and Realtime Audio Reactive Video-using audio imput,
and Yeasayer-O.N.E.
and Sveta Olga 004



ART299 11-09-17: Test to Show My code & result of “Wind” in Layered Presentation – WP/CodePen/P5js

Testing of using p5js editor within CodePen.io environment:

1. My Banboo Wind Output Only

2. My codepen.io testing – View Wind in p5 editor in CodePen – You can modify the code in p5js editor.

Also, check the following:

Css Tricks – Fluid width video

Search Codepen.io Documentation

Chris’ Website CreativeMediaResources – The way to use classification to the display from WordPress CMS – Blogs, Newsletters, Podcasts, Books. Lessons and Stockphotography lists on Home page was used tagging.

Way to Directly go to Casey Reas Website.

Diffrences between Processing.js and P5.js

From processing/p5.js

repository at https://github.com/processing/p5.js/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions
Use of .parent() function call where you want sketch() to run in index.html.

Bruno skrovic explains as below:

Processing.js creates processing.pde file to be run on index.html, which includes the following:


    <canvas data-processing-sources="sketch.pde"></canvas>

p5.js creates sketch.js file to be run on index.html, which includes the following:

  <!-- uncomment lines below to include extra p5 libraries -->

Read further of his analysis at https://www.sitepoint.com/processing-js-vs-p5-js-whats-difference/