Objective of ART299

  1. To understand the difference between a browser, and web app and mobile app,
  2. Available mobile app development environments,
  3. What kind of Adobe alternate software are available,
  4. Front-end development process (Chris’ presentation from ART258), and
  5. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts.

Alternative to Adobe and Other Tools

Affinity Photo  $49 Similar to Photoshop

Affinity Design  $49 Similar to Illustrator

ArtRage  $79?

Paint.net ?

Gimp open-source raster graphics editor – Similar to Photoshop

InkScape ?

Sketch for Mac  a tutorial $99 a proprietary vector graphics editor for Apple’s macOS
Sketch – Look at the CSS Attribute of feature to develop HTML and CSS.
Sketch Plugin – AutoPlugin-How to align center horizontally & vertically.

Webflow a tutorial – drag and drop tool built for designing websites

Squarespace – hosting?