Investigate H.264 and mp4 video coding

After working with A/E, it came to me that I did not understand H.264 and mp4 video coding.The relation between H.264, and mp4 and mov files.

I stack with rendering my video mp4, and it kept me render as mov file.

Finally, Adam suggested me to use another  Adobe Media Encoder or some other application to convert mp4.



Issue: Dev’s use Sketch and Designers use XD: No easy way XD->Sketch

I found searching why my iMac crashes using XD. It seems it is a know issue.

Additionally, no easy way to provide assets from designers to front-end developers. XD currently, don’t have the option to “export to Sketch” and Sketch does not have “import from XD”.

So there are lots of aggravation from using XD, I am moving from XD to Sketch.