WP: Appearance->Menu->added WordPress Category submenue

Created WordPress Submenu under Category.




Difference between apur1e.wordpress.com and apurie.com/test17 & Illustrator Tips: Make Texts to Vector

WordPress.com won’t allow all but jetpack pulgins for free users.

So I cannot test “Display Post ShortCode” using categories.
I just reviewed or set: 1. web address, 2. title, 3. tagline, 4. log, and 5. site identity.

The site identity worked on the tab, but no longer working. Maybe it has to be the paying customer.

Two ways to make text -> vector Adobe Illustrator:
  1. select->type-> create outlines, or
  2. select-> object -> expand then checks on object and fill boxes then OK.

The 299kh move to apur1e

The 299kh website has been corrupted and all posts displayed at its footer “footer three menu widget section.

No specific fix were found. This morning, I just created new website apur1e and the old posts have been exported as a xml file to my local computer Desktop.  From there imported to my new site apur1e.

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