WP: Theme Options – The Customize API & Other

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WordPress Theme Creation

Theme Customize API

Customizer Objects

Customizer object relationships and high-level API structure.

LearnWebCode – lots of good videos


Not much info but you can modify the Dashboard to add “Recipes” under Posts.

Create Theme and WP function calls – I want to try out to code from scratch.


WP: Added “Artists” Custom Link and sub item “Casey Reas”

Added “Artists” Custom Link and sub item “Casey Reas.”

Set not URL http:// but “#” then Link Text to “Casey Reas”, then click “Add to Menu” button.

Click and drug to the right location, then move the Casey Reas page to go under the Artists custom link as a sub item in the similar manner.

Difference between apur1e.wordpress.com and apurie.com/test17 & Illustrator Tips: Make Texts to Vector

WordPress.com won’t allow all but jetpack pulgins for free users.

So I cannot test “Display Post ShortCode” using categories.
I just reviewed or set: 1. web address, 2. title, 3. tagline, 4. log, and 5. site identity.

The site identity worked on the tab, but no longer working. Maybe it has to be the paying customer.

Two ways to make text -> vector Adobe Illustrator:
  1. select->type-> create outlines, or
  2. select-> object -> expand then checks on object and fill boxes then OK.