ITS381B-experimental: Watching Vid of 8/27 Class 2

ITS381B 8/27 Class Video


  • how to add custom font (google fonts),
  • how to change width and the color of the button,
  • how to override the ionic scss variables.

select font and copy @media url and past it to scss by clicking to scss nav, and set .class_typeface_name {font-family: typeface_name;} then click the save button and get out from the pop-out by clicking ✕.




ITS381B-experimental: Watching Vid of 8/20 Class 1

What was covered in Class 1 Video – What is where.

Laulima loging -> Membership -> ITS381B -> Resources ->

Laulima loging -> Membership -> ITS381B -> Assignments ->

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
  • Link to vids
Assignment 3
  • Campus travel App
Other sites:
  • – list of Dr. Halverson’s mobile app projects: Elected, Places, Campus Travel.
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3 – export your Mobile App from Ionic Creator to your website. Click Creator right top corner cloud icon to export your app i.e. download the zipped folder to your desktop etc.
  • Step 4 -upload to your app folder to your website server.
  • Login to your website. The instructor uses CPanel, I use Bluehost. I may use github pages, Then, upload to your app folder to your website server and then extract the zip. It has img, lib, template, index.html, and zip. In templates folder there are two files: details.html and places.html. Then edit the places.html page to insert angular directives(1:35). Look for <button>Where am I.</button> and insert “ng-click=readGeolocation()” <button …. ng-click= readGeolocation()></button> as instructed on “places” website. Go back to creator and right-side panel “angular directives” insert “ng-click” and “readGeolocation()”
  • Step 5: Add Routs – Go to js/routes.js folder, and edit.
  • Step 7: Add Services – Add controller code for place and pages.
  • Save the code by clicking top-left corner ✓.

How to make Sata Andagi and Hirayachi

材料 (10~15個分)
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2/3
サラダ油 小さじ1
揚げ油 適量

1. ボールに卵を割り入れてとき、砂糖を入れてよく混ぜ、サラダ油を入れる。

2. 薄力粉とベーキングパウダーを入れて、さっくりと混ぜる

3. 生地をピンポン玉くらいの大きさに丸める。


Another recipe on Youtube

How to make Nira Hirayachi.

ART258: Google fonts, Typekit, @fontface as Typographic

How Setup Fonts for Your Website.

Educational and Professional use of typefaces are different. For commercial use, make sure you use “100% free for commercial use.”

Today, Chris lectured, how to use Google fonts, @font-face, and Adobe Typekit.

@font-face can access to fonts if Google fonts does not have the fonts you want to use. For example, you can use free “ALEO” from

1. how to use google fonts

  1. Use Sassy-base development folder/directory,
  2. Download from Zip to your computer
  3. Drop the folder to Prepros
  4. Drop it also to the code editor you use such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, or Brackets.
  5. Change the body color in editor to see the web if body color to set “$type-color-body: red;” in the “_typography.scss” partial scss file, then add define “color: $type-color-body;” in style.scss file then check on web to see if it is updated. (updated massage will show on the screen)
  6. Check web to see if the index.html file is updated
  7. Google fonts use one for the body and one for the heading.
  8. Copy link html add to your index.html file at <head></head>
  9. Add index.html <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”>
  10. Add a line to SCSS file “font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;”
  11. What is the negative part of Google fonts? You don’t have a internet connection, you don’t get the fonts. Also if the Google fonts goes down you your web can’t use the fonts.
  12. @fontface 2008 changed every thing. One CSS declaration of @font-face.
  13. 10 years ago used – image replacement technic (text is there and the image shows).

WOFF- supported IE-9 on and others, TTF- for other than MS, EOT- for MS only, SVG check if all the browser supports by checking “can I use” website.

OTF – Adobe website says, “OpenType, as jointly defined by Microsoft and Adobe Systems, is technically an extension of Microsoft’s TrueType Open format, which can contain either PostScript font outlines (.otf) or TrueType font outlines (.ttf).” PostScript is for high resolution printing.

Fonts are available at:

The development folder, “sassy-base” has the following entries:

  • –css
  • –fonts –aleo–aleo.woff
  • –index.html
  • –prepros-6.config
  • –
  • –scss

2. To Use Fonts using @font-face:

Add the following code in style.scss<pre>

body {
  font-family: 'MyWebFont', Fallback, sans-serif;


Add the following code in style.scss


@font-face {
  font-family: 'MyWebFont';
  src:  url('myfont.woff2') format('woff2'),
        url('myfont.woff') format('woff');


To see how it is working by

Recommended way to use font is to use Google fonts, because Adobe Typekit does not work smoothly. It often requires some troubleshooting.

How to use typekits is part of Adobe-> performance is bad. Seems to take more time to load to cache memory. Used Brother-1816 for NMW

3. How to use adobe typekit

  1. Goto and click “Add to Kit.”-> kit setting and give the url then “Publish”.

You have to be careful using pseudo bold and pseudo italics in Typekit. Typekit is also server dependent.

Bold some weighted by using thin Brother-1816 and make it weight to be 900 instead matching 100.

ART258: Design Advice and Code Exercise

Lecture Notes

  • You can upgrade/brush-up your logo design by focusing detail and subtlety referencing website like “MailChimp” by a typographer, Jessica Hische.
  • Check to Google “Date UI” and “Time UI” how you can present dates and time on graphical design.
  • JAZZ visual design can add the mood or 何々風 backdrop.
  • The design could commit to Art Deco style all the way. Get design inspirations by searching images by “Art Deco.”
  • What is Humanist style.
  • Another good inspirations/reference from ART OF TITLES
  • Paul Rand design of “Catch Me If you Can
  • “Seven” whoes design?
  • Saul Bass – “The man with the golden arm””North by Northwest”
  • Search for “Art Deco” in Google fonts in it has any.